Why Allergen-Free Fragrance?

Allergen-free fragrance don't contain any of the 26 potential allergens identified in the EU Directive. Therefore, they are less likely to cause adverse skin responses.

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Why Alcohol Free?

ALCOHOL DENAT: THE BAD KIND OF ALCOHOL IN SKINCARE WHAT DOES IT DO? This type of alcohol is like a solvent: It thins thick formulas (it’s usually what gives chemical sunscreens their super lightweight textures) It helps deliver skincare actives deeper into your skin It gives skin a tight feeling and constricts the pores These alcohols seem innocuous enough, don’t they? But that tight feeling is a sign of dehydration. Alcohol eats up your skin’s protective barrier, leaving your skin dry and irritated. Why Alcohol Free? 1. Save for Allergic reactions 2.Help moisturize skin 3.Safe for sensitive skin.

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Why Paraben-Free?

Why Paraben Free? Scientific research has linked the use of parabens to a multitude of heath problems. Among those that generated widespread debate was the link of parabens to breast cancer. Research published in 2004 claim to have deteced traces of paraben in the breast tumours of 19 out of 20 women studied.

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