Privacy Policy
La Secta beauty store is responsible for your personal information security, by acceptance for privacy policy you allowed us to gather and use your personal information.

Make sure that your personal information would not sell or use under any circumstances.

How we get your personal information : when signing up we ask for personal information that should be right to complete the registration process.

Personal information needed: Personal information : name , address , Email , mobile …etc Financial information : credit card , more details about bank account.

Safety procedures : after complete registration you will be able to start ordering from La Secta beauty store which strongly protected against frauds and hackers by these procedures :
- save your IP address with numbers of entry times on website.
-the collected data allow us to protect our system from hackers and attacks.
-we have the right to share data with trusted Security agency to analyze this data.
*we are using cookies ,which is text file stored on client PC , these information which is gathered and stored by cookies might be against personal information in our system.

We get these personal information by Below resources :
-information provided through forms and Applications.
-information provided without forms or Applications.
-information from third parties.
-information about selling, purchasing and account date.

Internal use of personal information :
We gather and store your personal information on our servers at USA and we are in charge of financial and electronic services during 24 hours.

We use Personal information to activate your account, Execute all the Actions Regarding the Client and to make all services available to the client.

We also sharing some information as banks, but we explore for the last six numbers of your credit card to verify client information. *the purpose of sharing data is to Identify client ID and prevent financial frauds when there is a doubt of client ID. Using our services is an acceptance for sharing your Personal information to these purposes.

control your personal information : You have to update your Personal information in case of any changes happened from your profile or by calling customer service. La Secta beauty store is not responsible for your failed in keeping security of your Personal information. if you would like to close your account you have to call customer service. We have to keep your own profile information in our servers for 10 years at least after closing.

how to protect your Personal information :
La Secta beauty is dealing with your Personal information with high degree of Security and protection. Your credit card details will be stored in Encrypted model on a Disconnected PCs from the internet. when you logged in all internet connection will be protected with high degree of Encryption to ensure protection of your data.
*however these degree of protection would not be effective 100% unless you are following safety procedures. you must not share your account data .

If you have any doubt that your Personal information has exposed , you have to change it immediately after login.
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